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Royal Antique Master Inc: Frame Carpentry

Specialists in Frame Carpentry

From large construction pieces to small decorative designs, the versatility, durability and esthetic qualities of wood are unrivalled. The simple fact of the matter is that wood is the perfect material for environments of all types. The diverse range of settings that wood complements include everything from the ultra-modern to the most traditional, as well as everything in between. While we all like to admire the strength and beauty of a completed wood flooring or set of stairs, the fact of the matter is that a great amount of skill and effort goes into ensuring that carpentry of this nature is completed to perfection. One of the most important parts of this process is frame carpentry.

With a wealth of experience and an unmatched eye for detail and precision, the team at Royal Antique Master Inc are the number one frame carpentry specialists around. With the skill, experience and knowhow necessary to complete any frame carpentry related task in a quick and efficient manner, the team at Royal Antique Master Inc have what it takes to ensure that even the trickiest of framing challenges is met and completed effectively. By combining the most advanced modern technologies in combination with a host of time-honored traditions, we have what it takes to provide the necessary foundation that make your carpentry dreams a reality.

Modern Design Techniques

At Royal Antique Master Inc we have developed a unique sophisticated computer modelling software program that assists our team of carpenters as they build, framing structures for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. By using the most advanced design techniques we cut down on the time and materials needed to create modern and long-lasting structures. This, in turn, means that we can spend most of our time focusing on you, our client, and your individual needs and wants.

Suitable for Commercial Carpentry

At Royal Antique Master Inc we specialize in the construction of green oak frames that are ideal for houses, extensions and roof trusses as well as commercial properties. We join and assemble most of our structures in our state-of-the-art workshop. They are then dismantled, delivered and erected on site to ensure maximum utility. We have a strong support team of crane-operators and other building specialists that assist with the erection and installation of the wooden frames. We lock each piece in using cleft oak pegs.